Shocker: Former Conservative Radio Show Host Turned Senior DHS Advisor Exposed as Humongous Bigot

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A senior Homeland Security advisor who was previously outed as an unabashed Islamophobe was outed as a, gasp, birther and anti-LGBTQ bigot in a new CNN report on Thursday.


Frank Wuco, a retired Naval intelligence officer, currently serves as the White House advisor to DHS and has spearheaded efforts to institute Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim immigration policies—his previous profession, conservative radio show host, shouldn’t come as a shock given the Trump administration’s fondness for patently racist airwave fearmongers.

During his radio host days, Wuco regularly ranted about all the topics you would expect a conservative talking head to rant about: birtherism, “radical Islamic terrorism,” and LGBTQ rights. Wuco’s comments about President Obama, which were unearthed by CNN’s KFILE, are particularly troubling. Take this 2012 show where Wuco suggests Obama doesn’t know anything about...the black American experience (emphasis mine throughout):

“And I find that disturbing that he has really gotten away with presenting himself as this representative of the black American community, when he grew up during his formative years in one of the best neighborhoods in Honolulu, Hawaii, in a mixed race neighborhood that consisted of whites, affluent Asian, and children of high-ranking military officers,” Wuco continued. “This is the neighborhood he grew up in. He knows nothing about the black American experience.

As if it weren’t already abundantly clear that Wuco is a humongous bigot, I present to you a quote from another 2012 show during which he lamented the “Zimbabwe-fication” of America:

I kind of call this the Zimbabwe-fication of America, where it is now, we’re now being encouraged to find glamour and humor in race-baiting violence against certain people, if you are a celebrated person in this country,” Wuco said, referencing violence against the white population in Zimbabwe.

Wuco’s comments were in reference to a monologue Jamie Foxx delivered on Saturday Night Live promoting his role as escaped slave in Django Unchained. Wuco also unsurprisingly described Foxx as a “racist” during the same show.

In other episodes, Wuco’s contempt for LGBTQ rights were on full blast. He slammed Obama for repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, ridiculed former Rep. Barney Frank, who is openly gay, and went so far as to suggest that the word “gay” had been hijacked from...happy people:

“There’s some very slick sort of, you know, publicity things that the homosexual community has done, like hijacking the word gay, which used to mean sort of footloose, fancy free, happy. It used to mean happy, happy and carefree, doesn’t anymore. I want to recapture the word.”


Homeland Security is predictably standing by Wuco—whom DHS press secretary Tyler Houlton described as working every day to “implement the President’s security-focused agenda” in a statement provided to CNN. “Years-old comments cherry picked from thousands of hours on the air have no bearing on his ability to perform his job for the American people,” Houlton added.