Shocking, Republican Senator Doesn't Want Troops to Read Splinter :(

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If you are a current member of the armed forces of the United States, Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe does NOT want you to read this blog. But I am here to say: It’s OK. Splinter is good.

Inhofe is the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. During a speech to students at the National Defense University in Washington on Thursday, Inhofe explicitly instructed his audience not to trust the media. Many of the students at the NDU are members of the armed forces.

“If there’s one group that knows this and doesn’t have to be told, it’s you, and that is, don’t trust the media,” Inhofe said. “Cause they’re not going to tell you—they’ll tell you what sells media.”


Look, do media outlets feel forced at times to select stories that they know will perform well by whatever metric they’re using that week to determine whether or not their writers get to keep their jobs? Sure. Do most reputable ones make a habit of lying to their readers? No.

Later in the speech, he continued: “The general public, a lot of the media is making them believe that we don’t have any threats out there, and this is a waste of money—a lot of this is a waste of money.”


Interesting! It sounds like Senator Inhofe really doesn’t want you to read things like this blog about the president’s stunt at the border that’s keeping over 5,000 American troops away from their families over the holidays. That might provoke questions, like the ones Secretary of Defense James Mattis got slammed with (respectfully) by his own troops during a visit to Texas.

Inhofe then finished with a pretty weird discussion of how the president somehow can’t “circumvent a media that hates him.”

Everybody hates Trump. They do. They look at Trump, they don’t like—hey, I have to admit. Confession is good for the soul. Every time I hear—what do they call these, tweets?—that a tweet is coming out, I cringe a little bit. Wouldn’t it be nice if they changed the wording a little bit? But how else can he circumvent a media that hates him?


Weird because, he seems to be circumventing a critical press just fine by talking directly to boot-licking outlets and access journalism hacks who won’t question the bullshit that he spews!