Shooters in Las Vegas Declare 'The Revolution Has Begun,' Kill 2 Officers, 1 Civilian and Themselves

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Two police officers, one civilian, and two suspects are dead after a two-part shooting in Las Vegas Sunday afternoon, according to reports.


According to local affiliate KLAS-TV, a man and a woman entered a Cici's Pizza where the two officers were eating around noon. The suspects opened fire, shooting both police officers. Police told KLAS the shooters took the police officers' gear and told people in the restaurant to "tell the police the revolution has begun."

After leaving the restaurant, the suspects went to the Wal-Mart across the street. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that police and a SWAT team surrounded and then entered the building.


An unconfirmed report cited by the Review-Journal says a civilian in the store was carrying a concealed weapon and engaged the two suspects. Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill told the Review-Joural in a news conference that the suspects went to the back of the store and killed themselves in "some kind of suicide pact."

Police confirmed to the Review that one civilian was killed in the Walmart. KLAS reports both police officers who were shot at Cici's Pizza have also died.

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