Shortcake v0.1.0: Live previews, Fieldmanager integration

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The WordPress editor provides a great, user friendly interface for writing blog posts, but in our quest to publish engaging articles at Fusion - we needed more flexibility.

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Our editorial team wants to include a variety of different post elements in their articles - from stylized pull quotes to fully interactive infographics. The WordPress editor just doesn't allow authors to add these without having to deal with confusing shortcode snippets.

Shortcake integrates with the WordPress "Add Media" modal to provide an interface for selecting and adding shortcodes. It includes a form builder for adding different attributes.

We put something together quickly and released an early version a couple of months back. We were excited by the positive reception - Shortcake seems to meet a need many developers have.

Thanks for all the testing, feedback and pull requests - we’re pleased to announce the release of version v0.1.0.


This image was removed due to legal reasons.
  • Better form fields: Biggest request - support for more field types. We’ve rebuilt the form field handling to make it really easy to extend and add your own fields. It now ships with a wide range of fields - for all HTML5 field types.
  • Fieldmanager fields: A great test of the extensibility of the fields - It also ships with a few Fieldmanager fields, that can be used in conjunction with the Fieldmanager plugin - a meta box UI builder built by Alley Interactive that we are using at Fusion.
  • Shortcode preview: Live preview the shortcode from within the modal whilst editing. Switch tabs to see a preview of how it will be rendered. Huge thanks to Zebulon Young for the Pull request.
  • Re-labeled the UI around "Post Elements", which is more descriptive than "Content Items."
  • Many bug fixes.

Whats next?

We're actively developing Shortcake as we improve upon Fusion's publishing experience. Upcoming enhancements include:

  • Automagically detecting enqueued scripts and styles so they're rendered in preview (#85)
  • Creating one-click paths for adding a Post Element (#94)
  • Drag and drop Post Elements within TinyMCE editor (#51)

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