Shout Out to a Real One

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The North Dakota State University Bisons football team was honored today with an invite to visit the White House today and meet our president. An exciting opportunity, for sure, if you’re into encountering semi-sentient blobs of flesh.


But one member of the team took this invitation as a cue to speak truth to power. Or at least to low-key troll power.

Jack Albrecht, a North Dakota State student who plays as an offensive guard and has a magnificent mane of hair, posted several photos of himself to Twitter wearing a Democratic Socialists of America pin amid the grandeur of the White House. You can even see Trump standing behind him in one photo.

This is, in our opinion, good. It’s fun to imagine the hissy fit Trump would have if he knew that a socialist agitator had made their way into his inner sanctum.

Splinter reached out to Albrecht on Twitter, where he declined to comment. 

According to The Hill, Albrecht is a member of the Red River Valley DSA chapter (I am a member of another chapter).


The chapter shared one of the images posted by Albrecht on Facebook.


Right on, comrade. Keep up the good work.