Singapore's Saber Authority is the Jedi Academy you've always wanted to study at

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For about $57 dollars a month you too can learn the ancient art of wielding a lightsaber. Styled after the schools where young padawan train to use various force abilities, the classes at the Saber Authority, Singapore's premiere Jedi academy, are all built around the idea of teaching people to defend themselves using swords made of light.

Rather than drawing on the fictional fighting styles featured in the Star Wars films, the Saber Authority incorporates elements of various martial arts. Ideally, those who complete their courses will actually be able to fight with some degree of skill.

Training begins with a regimen of basic footwork and striking drills and, over the course of an hour, builds into a set of 15-second duels.

"Nothing is choreographed, that's what makes it so exhilarating and addictive," the school's site claims. "Duels are always different and you're always trying to out maneuver and out strike your opponent."


In addition to combat training, the school also offers a variety of hand-crafted lightsabers for sale. The weapons aren't exactly the cheapest, but between the aerospace-grade aluminum hilt and the motion-sensitive sound effects, the custom-built swords are pretty much guaranteed to win you any Jedi cosplaying contest.

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