@Skeletontunes is my new favorite Twitter account—I love it!!!

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Nothing tears up your Friday Twitter notifications quite like the discovery of a new, funny Twitter account. Today: @skeletontunes.

In reverence to the modern internet's best jokes, @skeletontunes is purposely simplistic by design and effect. It is: just a bunch of tweets containing the same six second video of a dancing animatronic skeleton—but to different pop songs.


In a word: Incredible.

The earliest dated tweet for @skeletontunes is from Oct. 4, 2015 and details about the account's owner are scant. "DM's are closed right now!" the bio reads.


I love @skeletontunes because the account recalls the quotidian pleasures of the Flying Lawnmower meme, whose provenance is described as "unknown" by Know Your Meme. For the unfamiliar:


Have a restful weekend.

Aleksander Chan is Fusion's News Director.

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