SNL Caps Season By Roasting a President Who Might Not Be Around Much Longer

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Saturday Night Live approached its Season 42 finale as if the cast might not have Donald Trump to kick around anymore when the show returns with new episodes in September. While that’s only four months away, in Trump time, that could be an eternity.

The show’s cold opener featured Alec Baldwin’s Trump sitting at a piano singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” accompanied by his ghoulish cast of administration officials, including his two creepy sons. But the funniest Trump-roasting segment was “Weekend Update,” where writers pulled no punches with The Donald, a sitting U.S. president who has become the world’s laughingstock. As “Weekend Update” points out, Vice President Mike Pence could actually be “warming up in the bullpen.” Yet a roast of Pence certainly isn’t going to be nearly as funny when The Donald is gone. It’ll just be sad.


Weekend Editor, Splinter

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