Snoop Dogg's video for 'Peaches N Cream' is a psychedelic dream

Columbia Records

On last night's season finale of Empire, Snoop Dogg premiered his new single "Peaches N Cream." What was only a snippet on the show has been released as a fully realized drug-induced hallucination music video on Vevo.

The video features vocals from Charlie Wilson and Pharrell, who also produced the song.


It's a colorful mishmash of disembodied hands, geometric shapes (with this many triangles, the Illuminati conspirators are gonna have a field day), and a peach planet reminiscent of a '90s yogurt commercial I distinctly remember.


The song is a definite return to the G-funk rap days of Nate Dogg and Warren G and Pharrell's early collaborations with Snoop. Smooth and light, the track is the perfect top-down driving jam for the West Coast and 405 traffic. If "Uptown Funk" is New York, "Peaches N Cream" is an homage to life in Oakland and L.A.


We're kind of loving the new artistic direction Snoop is going for. If his new album BUSH means more trippy, colorful music videos and easy listening instrumentals, we're down. Check out "Peaches N Cream" below:

Images via Columbia Records

Akilah Hughes is a comedian, YouTuber, and staff writer and producer for Fusion's culture section. You can almost always find her waxing poetic about memes and using too many emojis. 🍕

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