So now Justin Bieber has a face tattoo?!

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Justin Bieber, what do you mean oohhh, when you got your face tattoo?

The singer posted a photo on Instagram Saturday that seemed to confirm rumors that he had gotten a face tattoo.

The image showed a mark on the side of his face with the caption “Resting up for the show in Philly it's gonna be a good one mark my words.”


Bieber was spotted by the West 4th St. Tattoo Parlor in NYC on Friday,  and tattoo artist Jonboy posted a photo of Bieber sporting a mark near his eye—and his face was swollen as if he had just gotten a new tattoo.

Bieber filmed a video for GQ earlier this year to explain some of his tattoos. He didn’t talk about face tattoos, but he did say he “wasn’t feeling” the lower back tattoo, on men or women.

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