Soccer pitch in Wales keeps getting invaded by farm animals

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Pitch invaders are the scum of the Earth. They break the rules and endanger the safety of everyone on the pitch. They should probably be sentenced to life in prison after being caught. That includes these terrifying pitch invaders at Colwyn Bay FC.


“There was enough here for an 11-a-side game and we were lucky that the pitch was walled off," head of football in the community Matt Sampson told the North Wales Pioneer.

Oh, they never actually made it onto the pitch? Carry on.

“Most of them just stayed around the far end where there was a patch of grass, but a few wandered up towards the clubhouse and stand, so when the farmer got here it was just a case of shuffling them back into the field and they were all gone by about half 12.”

“To be honest it’s normally sheep that come into the ground, the place is getting to be a bit like Noah’s Ark.”

Colwyn Bay is in the seventh division and is nicknamed the Seagulls, so they already have sheep, cows and Seagulls. If you see a great flood coming, get to Wales immediately.


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