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Getty Images/Lars Baron

Sochi is nine hours ahead of the eastern United States—12 hours ahead for the people out west—making it difficult for the average Olympic viewer to catch a lot of the events live. That’s where we come in.


Everyday we’ll be posting daily updates on what happened while you were sleeping, what’s coming up later in the day, and what’s on the docket tomorrow, as well as any relevant GIFs, tweets and interesting articles.

What You Missed

Men's Ice Hockey: Ouch. USA's Sochi campaign came to a disappointing end as the Americans lost 5-0 to Finland. The U.S. played with intensity for a solid part of the game, but couldn't cash in on its scoring opportunities, namely two missed penalty shots from Patrick Kane. The team that many thought could challenge for gold was shutout in its final two games and will leave Russia without a medal.


Three must-reads:

1. These New York Times interactives will never get old. Here's one on how the Women's Slalom was won.
2. Evgeni Plushenko, everyone's favorite ice skater, will have back surgery net month.
3. A colorful gallery of Russian fans, the hometown crowd.

Tweet of the day


GIF of the day

Well that’s terrifying.

Medal Count as of February 22, 11:40 a.m. EST (total, gold, silver, bronze)

1. Russia: (29) 11, 10, 8
2. United States: (27) 9, 7, 11
3. Norway: (25) 11, 5, 9
4. Canada: (24) 9, 10, 5
5. Netherlands: (24) 8, 7, 9


Notable events Tuesday (in chronological order, * signifying a medal round):

*Cross-Country - Men’s Mass Start (2 a.m.)
*Bobsleigh - Four-man (4:30 a.m.)
*Men’s Ice Hockey Final - Sweden vs. Canada (7:00 a.m.)


Closing Ceremonies (11:00 a.m.)

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