Solange gave the most brilliant quote about why she's a proud black intersectional feminist

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Solange Knowles, the moon to Beyoncé’s sun, is known for being outspoken as an artist, a black woman, and a feminist. Whether it’s talking (or singing) about black women’s hair or sharing her stories of harassment, Solange has kept the conversation moving forward, and in a recent interview with Bust she continues to do so. But first, look at this cover. Damn.


Bust also published some excerpts from its interview with Solange.

Here's Solange talking about her feminism:

"I am a proud black feminist and womanist and I'm extremely proud of the work that's being done. I'm a feminist who wants not only to hear the term intersectionality, but actually feel it, and see the evolution of what intersectional feminism can actually achieve. I want women's rights to be equally honored, and uplifted, and heard…but I want to see us fighting the fight for all women — women of color, our LGBTQ sisters, our Muslim sisters. I want to see millions of us marching out there for our rights, and I want to see us out there marching for the rights of women like Dajerria Becton, who was body slammed by a cop while she was in her swimsuit for simply existing as a young, vocal, black girl. I think we are inching closer and closer there, and for that, I am very proud."

She also discussed black women vocalists in R&B and, according to Bust, “why mostly white women vocalists get praise for writing their own music”:

"I think that the black female voice, especially in R&B music, has always been kind of accessorized. Because I guess it's supposed to be just so easy and effortless for us, as vocalists. [Singing] is something that a lot of people think we are just blessed with. But I consider myself a songwriter first, and in the trajectory of what I'm trying to create, singer comes last. I'm really invested in storytelling."

The full interview will be released next week, along with the magazine's April/May issue.