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If you felt a disturbance in the force today, there’s a good chance it was caused by Solange deleting her Twitter account after speaking out against the events at Charlottesville. Last night the singer posted one last tweet, showing support for Takiyah Thompson, a Carolina Central University student who was arrested and charged with two felonies for toppling a Confederate statue in Durham, NC, along with other activists.

After deleting her account, Solange offered a glimpse into what’s been on her mind as of late, calling out “ugly ass fuck bois,” Nazis, and the “stale ass bland ass monuments”:


Her point about “asking folks to be graceful” hits home particularly hard. Last year, Knowles penned an essay about feeling unsafe in white spaces and constantly having to be aware of herself as a black woman after being harassed at a concert she was attending. It’s certainly been an eventful and testing last few days, so logging the hell off Twitter seems like the healthiest possible idea, as an artist, as a mother, and, hell, as someone who thinks Nazis are trash.

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