Some Entries from the Index of James Comey's Brave Memoir

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This week, American hero James Comey published his much-anticipated memoir, A Higher Loyalty, a book that, as far as I can tell, is about the relative height of loyalties. I have not read the book, because Splinter didn’t request a review copy. Nor have I read much coverage of its contents, because someone else at Splinter is covering that.

But I have perused the index. And, as they say, an index is the soul of a book. (At the very least, it’s a list of useful words and phrases to help locate the contents of a book.) Here are some excerpts from the index of A Higher Loyalty that will give you a better understanding of what Comey’s new book is all about:

Clinton, Bill

  • tardiness of, 77

Comey, Patrice (wife)

  • on torture, 107

credibility, reservoir of, 54, 71, 131, 179-80, 196

The Departed, 122

Diversity Agent Recruiting event, for FBI, 261-62

Dylan, Bob, 68

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 38-39

emotional intelligence, of leaders, 240


  • of leaders, 130, 243, 271, 277

Fast and Furious, 127

The Godfather, Part II, 15


  • acceptance of, 277
  • about basketball, 52

milk accident, in grocery store, 36-37

Niebuhr, Reinhold, 1, 13-14

Obama, Barack,

  • confidence of, 123, 151, 155-56
  • humility of, 155-56
  • inauguration crowd size of, 228-29
  • listening by, 147-48, 213
  • sense of humor of, 123-24

peer pressure, 38-39


  • balancing of, 277
  • of bullies, 37

Seacrest, Ryan, 185

The Sixth Sense, 201, 209

Thatcher, Margaret, 158


  • in FBI, 157, 194-95, 270