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Residents of North Forth Worth, Tx., received a notice from the city in the early hours of this morning telling them to boil tap water for at least two minutes, or collect bottled water from a nearby fire station instead.


Unlike the water crisis in Flint, the issue does not appear to be related to lead leeching out of pipes, but rather a system failure that may have left water contaminated with bacteria, CBS DFW reports:

Problems with the water were caused after an operational error led to the draining of an elevated water tank, which resulted in a drastic drop in pressure in parts of the water system. The loss of pressure means harmful bacteria and other microbes could get into the water. City crews have to run tests before the water can be deemed safe to drink again.

Six local schools will be serving their students pre-packaged lunches and turning their water fountains off, Fox 4 News reports, and local restaurants and cafes have been shut down. The notice says the problem won't be fixed until Friday at the earliest.