Some good news from Baltimore you won't see on cable TV

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Images from Baltimore on TV in the last two days have largely focused on the destruction. Shots of a man smashing a trash can into the back of a police car seem to be playing on a loop on 24-hour cable news networks.

But some locals have taken to social media to combat some of those negative images, highlighting  acts of kindness and unity instead.

Have you seen the images of people coming together in the streets to sing?


Or the guy putting himself between police and demonstrators to prevent a clash?


Or the Baltimore youth out in the street giving bottles of water to police?


Or the hundreds of people singing “Amazing Grace” together?


Or the activists feeding kids who aren’t getting lunch because schools are closed?


About 84 percent of students at Baltimore City Schools are eligible for free or reduced-price meals. (Only 42 percent of the residents in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood are employed.)

And what about the rival gangs coming together? Have you heard from them?

People literally on the street are challenging the images on TV.