Some Idiot College Kids Invited People to Round Up 'Dirty Illegals' on Facebook


Authorities at the University of Central Florida are investigating whether a Facebook event urging people to "Help dirty illegals meet their fate at the hands of La Migra" is a prank, or something much worse.

The event, whose Facebook invite has been removed, promised to teach attendees how to find undocumented immigrants on social media, and "report illegals to the ICE, INS, and DHS!" according to screenshots posted on Twitter earlier this week.


UCF police spokesperson Courtney Gilmartin said in a statement to the Orlando Sentinel that the school is looking into the event.

"Diversity and inclusivity are woven into the fabric of UCF,” Gilmartin explained. “The university is committed to continuing to uphold these values and being a place where all students can learn and grow."


According to the Sentinel, UCF police have also notified the local sheriff's department.

However, not everyone at UCF is convinced the anti-immigrant witch hunt is something to worry about. Speaking with the Sentinel, Binyomin Akiva Grega, identified as a Latinx member of the Facebook group in which the event was initially shared, called reactions to the post "ridiculous" and insisted it was simply an in-joke among members.


Late last year, the campus was also hit with a series of racist posters from the white nationalist group American Vanguard.

According to the school, UCF's student body is nearly one quarter Latinx, with just over 3% of the total campus identified as "Nonresident Alien." In November, 2016, UCF president John Hitt joined hundreds of other University administrators in calling for then-President Elect Donald Trump to uphold and expand former President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which they called a "moral imperative” and “national necessity.


Earlier this year, a number of UCF student groups pushed the school to become a Sanctuary Campus that would limit university cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

"Education is a right that should be afforded to everyone," sophomore Dylan Tyer, who was involved in the effort, explained. "Whether they’re born here, Mexico, Guatemala or Syria, it doesn’t matter - education is education"

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