First Nations Canadians living in Manitoba are dealing with severe housing problems, according to a report from the Canadian Press Trust.

The report found that the government would need to invest around $2 billion to fix crumbling homes afflicted with "mould and substandard conditions."

Currently, the Canadian government has $150 million set aside for all First Nations housing across the country this year. CBC reports that while some houses need to be replaced entirely, there is also a shortage of homes to begin with, which is leading to overcrowding in many homes:

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs says there is a shortage of more than 17,000 homes on the province's reserves, which means overcrowding is a major problem. Many homes don't have running water.

Thousands more on-reserve homes need to be replaced because of mould and other problems.


The Canadian government says the housing crisis is on its agenda. "I've been in those homes," Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett told CTV. "It is a disgrace for Canadians to watch. There is a consensus in this country that we have got to get going on this. The sticker shock on any of these things can't get in the way of us beginning what has to happen."