Someone called a SWAT team on the teen behind the viral Damn Daniel video

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America, a bad place, continues to be bad: someone reportedly swatted the home of Josh Holz, the teenager who filmed the viral "Damn Daniel" video.


Swatting, for the uninitiated, is when someone reports a false, very serious crime in progress (like, say a shooting) in order to have a SWAT team storm someone's home. It's often been attempted on activists and celebrities, as well as popular video game streamers. It's an awful thing to do and very traumatic, and is a misdemeanor.

According to KABC, Riverside, Calif., police responded to a 1 a.m. call claiming that "someone at a residence on Hamilton Drive had shot their mother with an AK-47."


Police and Holz's family think the swatting has to do with the video, with Lt. Kevin Townsend telling KABC, "Ever since their video has gone out there, [Holz's family] received a number of what they call strange phone calls and emails, and a lot of strange things happening so tonight was just another incident for their family." The police "searched the home, cleared the scene and determined it was a false report."

At this point, the video, initially posted on Twitter, has received just shy of 300,000 retweets and almost 380,000 likes. It's been remixed, recreated, and sampled. Vans, shoe company name-checked in the video, has tweeted about it, and eBay auctions for shoes similar to those Daniel Lara wears in the video have gone nuts.

Don't swat people.

Ethan Chiel is a reporter for Fusion, writing mostly about the internet and technology. You can (and should) email him at

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