Saturday Night Live/YouTube

Alec Baldwin heard president-elect Donald Trump's been having a really hard time finding any celebrities to perform at his inauguration, so he's volunteered to make sure The Donald isn't celebrity-less when he takes the reigns as commander-in-chief because we know how easily the teeny-handed man's ego is bruised.

Through his foundation on Twitter, Alec Baldwin offered to sing AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" on the big day—a fitting choice considering Trump's terrifying campaign promises and administration picks. Of course, Trump's team would never invite Baldwin to perform considering his pouty-faced impression on Saturday Night Live upsets the hot-headed president-elect. Hopefully someone who's actually performing at the inauguration will take Baldwin's lead though and troll Trump IRL when he takes office.

We could really use a performance like Stephen Colbert's roast at the White House correspondents' dinner in 2006 right about now. That performance was arguably one of the greatest political trolls of all time.