Someone is leaving these incredibly harsh notes on Volkswagen diesel cars in Portland

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

It's a rough time for Volkswagen owners. They've just discovered their car company lied to them about the emissions standards of their vehicles, and now they have to deal with environmentalists accusing them of harboring Nazi sympathies as well.


This photo was posted to the Instagram account for Lardo Sandwiches of Portland, with the claim that the note was found on the windshield of a VW car in the city.


It makes some pretty heavy charges against the Volkswagen owners of America. Not only were you unknowingly hurting the environment, you were doing it in the service of Nazis. Yes, the Nazis were behind the whole thing, because life is 1940s comic book. (Volkswagen was founded by the Nazis and became a private company after World War II.)

This just goes to show that, whether it's a parking ticket, a dead leaf, or an accusation of Nazi collaboration, you will never find anything good under a windshield wiper.

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