Someone ruined an orphanage's bake sale by hiding a dildo in a cake

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The Glasgow City Council chiefs are still reeling from a scandalous discovery that ruined a bake sale the group had organized to raise money for a Romanian orphanage.


Someone jammed a dildo into one of the cakes, scared the hell out of everyone, and prompted the Council to cancel the whole bake sale.

"The bake sale was being held for employees to buy cakes and help raise money for charity," a Council spokesperson recounted to the Evening Times. "However, the sale was called off and word quickly spread that all cakes had to be binned due to this malevolent act."

Although there was no indication that any of the other cakes had been tampered with, Council members were worried that people might find dildos in them as well.

“It’s disappointing someone would intentionally sabotage a charity event which staff spent their own time and effort on,” the Council spokesperson said.

The Council is currently reviewing CCTV footage from the council tax and housing benefits office where the incident occurred in hopes of identifying the culprit.