They apparently got the wrong address, but their intent was pure.

A large box wrapped in Christmas paper and addressed to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin shut down the swanky Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel Air for a couple hours on Saturday evening.


The box was delivered to one of Mnuchin’s neighbors by accident, prompting several law enforcement agencies to swarm the scene, including the bomb squad and the Secret Service. This pissed off local residents, who were confined to their $50 million homes just when they had a lot of holiday parties to attend.

Mnuchin reportedly was home at the time but didn’t receive the package, which was signed as being from “the American people.” When cops finally opened the package, they discovered it was filled with lots and lots of horse manure.

Several members of the Trump administration—if not all of them—probably deserve something a little worse than a bit of coal this holiday season. But if you’re going to send horseshit to someone on behalf of the American people, Mnuchin is a pretty good pick. Hell, his former classmates at Yale can’t even stand him.

The multimillionaire treasury secretary—who’s worth about $300 million before the upcoming tax cuts for the wealthy take effect—and his villainous wife have done some pretty shitty things this year, including posing with a massive sheet of freshly printed dollar bills; attacking a working mom who called the couple out for using taxpayer money to watch the eclipse and then bragging about it on social media; trying to hitch a ride to Europe on a taxpayer–funded government plane for their honeymoon last summer; appearing on TV to lie about the GOP tax scam by claiming it would help the middle class, when in fact it will make Mnuchin considerably wealthier; etc.

Now, even his rich neighbors hate him for disrupting their lives during the holidays.


Maybe one of these days he’ll get the hint.

Weekend Editor, Splinter

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