Someone turned North Carolina’s anti-trans bathroom bill into toilet paper, and it’s glorious

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While recent legislative efforts to repeal North Carolina's anti-trans "bathroom bill" appear dead on arrival, one local ad agency is taking measures into their own hands.

Thanks to Durham-based McKinney, the text of HB2 is now available to read, wipe, and flush, on rolls of custom-printed toilet paper.


The agency—whose clients include companies like Nationwide, ESPN, and Samsung—came up with four solid reasons for their shitty viral protest. As they explain on their website:

  1. Because we have men’s, women’s and everyone multi-stall bathrooms, and we don’t care which one(s) you feel most comfortable using.

    Because we value equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights.

    Because our CEO, Brad Brinegar, spoke out against the bill on CNN and was integral to the letter that 103 national CEOs signed calling for its repeal.

    Because, you know, it’s called the “bathroom bill,” so the whole toilet paper thing was a no-brainer.


They even made a helpful video, which urges viewers spend a few minutes reading the bill that "landed Pearl Jam and Springsteen concerts here" before showing an empty toilet bowl.

According to The News & Observer, McKinney made around 80 rolls of their custom HB2-TP available to local businesses around Durham. One staff member reportedly wrapped himself in a roll while handing it out to protesters at an anti-bathroom bill rally on Monday.


On their website, McKinney writes: "[W]e did this in support of Equality NC’s and Human Rights Campaign’s efforts to encourage North Carolina residents to petition their legislators at" To that end, the agency wants people to "[s]hare the video online, use #FlushHB2 when you do, and petition your legislator at so that we can flush this bill down the toilet of history."

It remains unclear, however, if the bathroom bill is one-ply or two.