Something Is Up With John Kelly

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White House Chief of Staff and certified Bad Man John Kelly might finally be on his way out of the Trump administration, potentially putting to end the long, long, longstanding rumors that he’d outlived his usefulness in the president’s inner circle.

According to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Kelly and Trump “have stopped speaking” altogether, and the president is actively starting to search for a replacement for his chief aide. Collins, citing multiple White House sources on Friday, said Kelly’s departure was likely to come within days.

Adding fuel to the rumors that Kelly was on his way is the fact that he is reportedly very late to work this morning—an apparent first—resulting in the cancellation of the daily senior staff meeting he usually leads.


Of course, given the many, many times Kelly’s imminent departure has seemed like a sure thing, only for him to eke out another few months within the administration, it’s entirely possible that Kelly may simply roll into the White House a few hours late, back-slap a few staffers, mutter something glib about “workin’ hard or hardly workin?” and go on as usual. Kelly did publicly commit to riding the Trump train off the rails through at least 2020, after all.

On the other hand, the president sure seems like he’s in a pretty bad mood this morning, so who knows? Maybe he’ll get some firing done, just to blow off a little steam. Either way, whether he stays or not, Kelly’s done more than enough damage during his time in the White House already. If he stays? Fuck him. If he leaves? Good riddance. TGIF!