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The son of a mayor from one of Mexico’s poorest municipalities is facing a wave of social media backlash after uploading selfies of himself enjoying the good life in Cancun, Paris and Rome.

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In a Facebook post, Rafael Bedolla, son of Ecatepec Mayor Pablo Bedolla, proclaimed: “Three more years of abundant prosperity are coming to Ecatepec!” That statement might have come as a surprise to the mostly impoverished residents of Ecatepec, where even obtaining drinking water is a problem.


An image comparison between Bedolla's trip and the reality in Ecatepec.

The images quickly made their way around Mexican social media, triggering thousands of insults and heated replies until the young gadabout erased his account from Twitter.


In what appeared to be one of his last tweets, Bedolla dismissed his haters by saying they're just jealous because his girlfriend goes to a private and preppy university in Mexico City, while their girlfriends go to school in Ecatepec. That final statement did little to repair Bedolla's reputation.

The mayor's spokesman issued a statement saying Bedolla's social media accounts had been hacked and that the photographs depicting his lavish trips abroad where fakes.


Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD) Congressman Octavio Martinez told Mexican newspaper Reforma the government should investigate exactly how Bedolla Jr. funded his little Euroadventure.

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