Soon You Can Have A Google Throat Tattoo That's Also a Lie Detector

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Maps, Earth cams, Glasses, and… tattoos?

Just when you thought Google couldn’t further raise the bar on surprising innovations, it's been revealed that the tech giant has applied for a patent for an electronic skin tattoo that connects you to your cell phone. Not crazy enough for you, you say? What if we told you that it could also be used as a lie detector?


Tired of shouting into your phone when it’s windy or noisy? Simply tattoo a microphone to your throat and, voila! Problem solved! The tat can come in handy in situations where you can’t use your hands, like if you're driving or if you’re an undercover agent working to secure sensitive information.

And, as previously mentioned, it's also a lie detector so you can find out just exactly how dishonest your friends really are!

Worried that you'll regret having this device implanted on your neck? Don't. Unlike your other terribly-conceived tattoos, this one's not permanent.

(h/t Business Insider)

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