Sore Losers Are Whining About the 2020 DNC Being in Milwaukee

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On Monday, the Democratic National Committee announced that the 2020 Democratic National Convention will be in Milwaukee, WI—a sign that the Democrats will make a serious play for a state Hillary Clinton infamously lost in 2016, the first time a Democratic nominee had done so in over 30 years.


Milwaukee has several things that make it an attractive spot for the Democrats: Good beer, good cheese, a history of leftist politics, and that scene in Wayne’s World. Nevertheless, almost immediately after the DNC made their announcement, the flaming hot takes started rolling in.

Some were dumb and uninspired:

Other reactions, namely, those from Democrats in Miami—which had also been vying for the convention—were bizarrely conspiratorial. Like this one, per the Miami Herald (emphasis mine):

The people behind Miami’s pitch believed in the weeks leading into the announcement that if they were to be overlooked, it would likely be personal as much as political. That [DNC chair Tom] Perez married his wife in Milwaukee was a fact referenced often in Miami as the chairman waited, and waited, and waited to make a decision.

But, of all the ghost pepper-hot takes wafting off of Twitter on Monday, perhaps the spiciest came from the pundit class whining about where they were going to sleep:


This is, of course, completely insane. According to the city’s tourist info site, there are over 17,000 hotel rooms in the greater Milwaukee area—well over the 16,000 rooms and suits requested by the DNC. As Milwaukee DNC host committee chair Alex Lasry explained, some of those rooms are slightly outside the city limits; he denied, however, that Milwaukee didn’t have enough hotel rooms to meet the requirements. “Our radius is a little bit bigger, but when you’re talking about a 20-minute drive we meet [the DNC’s needs],” he said.

A 20 minute drive? Heavens forbid! However will Nate Silver survive??

The DNC is already facing the absolute dumbest, completely invented scandal imaginable, and the actual convention isn’t for another year and a half. Will things get even dumber from here on out? Only time will tell.

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