Sorry Don Jr., You Can't Meme Your Way Into Your Father's Heart

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Donald Trump Jr., the slightly less embarrassing of the two large adult First Sons, posted on Instagram this Tuesday to celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday. Trump’s post, which seems to be an photo he took and then edited, featured a Christmas tree with a statue of his father, President Trump, balanced near the top, taking the place of a traditional star or angel. Text on the photo, in Impact font, reads “couldn’t decide between an angel and a star, so I picked both.” The caption, inexplicably, begins with the hashtag #triggered. 


Hoo boy.

It’s well known that President Trump’s relationship with Don Jr. is strained, at best. Ivanka is Trump’s stated favorite child, and though Don Jr. may rank higher than some Trump children (sorry Tiffany), his quest for his father’s love has been long and public.

The relationship documented in the gossipy, possibly factual Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury, in which Wolff describes Trump’s low opinion of his sons.

“Their father took some regular pleasure in pointing out that [Don Jr. and Eric] were in the back of the room when God was handing out brains,” Wolff writes. “but then again, Trump tended to scorn anyone who might be smarter than he was.”

Let’s go out on a limb and say that though Trump is certainly the dumbest man to ever be president, he probably isn’t threatened by his sons’ intelligence.

Then there’s this tidbit from Don Jr.’s childhood, reported by Vanity Fair:

“How can you say you love us? You don’t love us! You don’t even love yourself. You just love your money,” twelve-year-old Donald junior told his father, according to friends of Ivana’s. “What kind of son have I created?” Trump’s mother, Mary, is said to have asked Ivana.



Don Jr., we have some advice: give up. Your father is a psychopath who will never truly love anyone but himself, no matter how many earnest memes you post. The only one truly #triggered by this reality is... you. :(