Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Thanks to President Obama, women have finally achieved equality in the world of journalism.

We're kidding. It's still ridiculously male-dominated.

But the commander-in-chief did call on eight women and zero men during his final press conference of the year, touching on Sony's decision not to release "The Interview" (starring James Flacco) and the groundbreaking decision to normalize relations with Cuba.

The decision was almost certainly planned in advance and designed to make a point - Obama joked that he would use his staff's "naughty and nice" list to make the call, and he avoided taking questions from TV reporters.


Reaction on Twitter to the historic move was immediate. While most cheered the decision to call on women, others pointed out that the women selected did not deserve to be called on purely because of their gender. Others expressed frustration at the emphasis on gender at all.



Emily DeRuy is a Washington, D.C.-based associate editor, covering education, reproductive rights, and inequality. A San Francisco native, she enjoys Giants baseball and misses Philz terribly.