via Tinder

For lonely Europeans who have passed their mid-twenties, looking for love just got a little more expensive.

Tinder, the swipe-based dating app, just launched a paid premium version in Europe. Paying for Tinder Plus allows you to "undo" swipes if you accidentally nixed an alluring user, and allows you to expand your location-based capabilities when traveling. And, as the London Evening Standard discovered, there's also a hint of ageism in the app's pricing scheme: "Users under the age of 28 who want the extra functions will be charged £3.99 a month," the paper reports, "and those over 28 will pay £14.99."

That's roughly four times the price for Tinder Plus users over 28‚ÄĒperhaps an indication that Tinder's more, ahem, veteran¬†daters have disposable income that younger users might not. But¬†it could also be seen by users as the equivalent of Uber's supply-and-demand surge pricing‚ÄĒas you get older on Tinder, your supply¬†of available matches shrinks, so it should cost more to find them. It's not clear whether Tinder plans to export the pricing scheme to its U.S. paid tier, or is simply testing it out abroad.

Tinder scrapes personal data from Facebook when you sign up, so cheating the system (and saving £11 a month) would simply require changing your birth date on Facebook to make yourself appear younger than 28. So London-based Tinder users, get ready to swipe past a flood of penny-pinching 27-year-olds on your way to finding true love.