Spain reminds us that Greece gave us lots of cool stuff before it became a financial disaster

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Right now, Greece is the kid in the Eurozone playground who no-one wants to be seen hanging out with. This morning, their banks opened for the first time in several weeks after politicians finally agreed to bailout conditions set by the E.U. But Greek citizens were expected to vote "yes" to bailout conditions several weeks ago–and when they returned a resounding "no," the E.U.'s big players were, to put it lightly, a little miffed.

A group of Spanish professors decided to stick up for their pal with a video, "Gracias Grecia," that reminds us of things the world owes Greece: things like the Olympics, the alphabet, the Hippocratic Oath.

It's every bit as wonderfully dorky and heartfelt as you would expect from a bunch of academics super passionate about teaching Greek and Latin:

Greeks are loving it on YouTube. "Thank you so much. I kneel before you as a show of gratitude. You made me shed a tear," said viewer Theodore Kon (Orustha).


"You don't have to understand Spanish to understand their appreciation for what Greece has given to the world. Gracias mis amigos! Ευχαριστώ!" said another viewer, Diana Theocharis.

Spain, (along with Portugal, Italy, and Ireland) is one of the countries on watch in Europe to possibly befall the same fate as Greece, though analysts are more optimistic that it will steer clear of defaulting on its debts.

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