In a new interview with Women's Wear Daily, Spanx CEO Jan Singer says she plans to shift the company's branding from "occasional wear" to "everyday wear." No longer just for trying to squeeze your curves into submission for special occasions or on the red carpet, Singer claims the product-line expansion is thanks in part to consumers.

‚ÄúWomen are saying, ‚ÄėI need something more comfortable,‚Äô‚ÄĚ Singer said. Spring products are ‚Äúlightweight, comfortable, breathable and super-effective ‚ÄĒ and it has to be beautiful,‚ÄĚ she added. ‚ÄúThere‚Äôs no function without beauty. We are evolving the product, modernizing it. The consumer is changed. Not everyone wants to be super-squeezed in.‚ÄĚ

The "Power Series" collection ‚ÄĒ the girdle-y undergarments¬†most familiar to consumers ‚ÄĒ is being relaunched this month with an emphasis on "lightweight comfort" offered Singer.

The WWD interview supplied the usual talking points of a rebranding announcement until the end when Singer asserted this quip:

"Right now we are focusing on our core. We need to continue to own her body, from the bottom up, which includes intimates and hosiery products."



I was almost on board with Spanx pants and shirts and panties and overalls until they claimed they wanted to "own my body." I understand the appeal of Spanx when I have to be photographed in bright lighting and require a perfect red carpet look for all of the awards I'm hoping to win that evening (happens all the time), but this seems like Spanx isn't so much about flaunting and accentuating a body as much as it is about suppressing it. In a culture that is so freakin' obsessed with shrinking every part of a woman to doll-sized proportions, couldn't this female-led company even pretend for the span of a full interview that they aren't just another retail monolith capitalizing on the insecurities of people everywhere? Is my complete abhorrence of the natural shape of my body essential for your brand's survival? Why should I be rooting for you?


Adding to my cognitive dissonance is my insane, unnecessary desire to see what the new hosiery, tops, bottoms, and panties will look like. Spanx has added a March catalogue to their website with loads of pictures of models in the new line with the updated branding front and center:


Think you're going to appear 5lbs lighter in the 5 minutes it takes you to put on your new Spanx underwear? Glad to see that even women with model body types can also hide invisible imperfections with Spanx…


At $150 a pop, these jeans are hella pricey and I genuinely don't think these models look any skinnier (how could they?) or more perfect than they did without them.


Will you be investing in a new pair of these skinny jeans? I think I'm all set with my garbage body and standard undies, thanx.

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