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In 2013, Sanrio (the good folks who created Hello Kitty) introduced Gudetama, a despondent egg yolk without a shell. Like most people with chronic depression, Gudetama has a generally negative outlook on life and spends his time sulkily wishing that someone would deem him fit for consumption.


Despite his dark demeanor, Gudetama's a fairly popular character—so popular that Sanrio's seen fit to create a series of cafés themed around him throughout Japan. Honk Kong's Izumi Curry has just added a Gudetama-inspired dim sum to its menu and guess what? He'll throw up or crap all over your plate if you squeeze him just right.

To be clear, Gudetama's vomit is actually custard and his diarrhea is chocolate sauce. One imagines that Gudetama's best washed down with a nice, cleansing bubble tea. If and when South Korea's poop cafe will get a corporate mascot of its own remains to be seen.

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