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White House advisor Stephen Miller, one of the two or so officials remaining in the Trump administration, went on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN show tonight to show off his shiny, shiny head and scream about immigration.


Right now, as we speak, there is a surge of immigration heading towards our country that presents a national crisis,” Miller shouted over Blitzer’s half-hearted attempts to get a word in. “How many more innocent people have to die in pursuit of an open borders agenda?”


“Calm down a minute, we don’t have to yell,” Blitzer responded, channelling a tired father pacifying their 7-year-old who won’t stop whining about his outdated Nintendo Switch.

Blitzer began the interview by asking Miller why Trump, who has had two years of a Republican-controlled Congress, hasn’t managed to build the promised border wall. “Why did he fail?” Blitzer asked, as Miller chuckled with the barely-restrained rage of someone who wants to murder everyone in the room.

“The fundamental issue here is whether Democrats will supply votes to pass border security, or whether they’re going to push for open borders, which equals massive crime and massive cost,” Miller sputtered, adding that “300 people die every week” from heroin coming over the border (in reality, most U.S. drug overdoses are now caused by fentanyl, which is largely produced in China).

Blitzer pressed Miller again on why Trump was unable to complete the wall within his first two years in office, and Miller again evaded answering, before their conversation devolved into the screaming and gnashing of teeth seen in the clip above.


Aside from his immigration hysterics, Miller’s appearance was noticeable for his scalp’s return to its natural state, after a TV appearance on Sunday in which he had some sort of spray-on hair situation going on.

Miller went on CNN tonight to discuss about the departure of Defense Secretary James Mattis, who announced his resignation with a sharp critique of President Trump’s foreign policy earlier today.


Mattis’ resignation is just the latest sign that Trump is becoming toxic. But as the administration continues to crumble, Miller remains one of Trump’s strongest allies, because unlike most of the opportunists and criminals in the White House, Miller genuinely believes in the shit Trump is selling. His head is as bald as his aspirations to make the U.S. a white utopia. And that’s the real reason why he’s so angry: if Trump goes down, so too does Miller’s chance to make his Nazi dreams a reality. Tough shit, shiny man.

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