Stephen Miller Wanted to Block Undocumented Children from Public Schools

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Just when you thought Trump senior adviser and psychopath Stephen Miller couldn’t be any more diabolical, a new report says that he wanted to find a way for the Trump administration to block undocumented children from studying in public schools.


Although Miller and others reportedly had pursued the scheme since 2017, it ultimately was scrapped because it was unconstitutional, based on a previous U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Bloomberg News reported.

Such neo-Nazi-type behavior wouldn’t at all be out of character for Miller, the guy who brought us Trump’s Muslim ban, who advocated for stripping kids from their parents and putting them in cages, and who gets off on seeing state-sanctioned child abuse committed against people of color at the border.

According to Bloomberg:

Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller had been a driving force behind the effort as early as 2017, pressing cabinet officials and members of the White House Domestic Policy Council repeatedly to devise a way to limit enrollment, according to several people familiar with the matter. The push was part of a menu of ideas on immigration that could be carried out without congressional approval.

The news agency noted that last year, the Education Department considered a memo that would allow states to refuse to enroll students with undocumented status in schools. However, that memo never moved forward.

The legal roadblock preventing these idiots from implementing the abusive and nonsensical idea was the 1982 Supreme Court case Plyler v. Doe. In that case, Texas law was revised in 1975 to allow the state to withhold funds from local school districts that enrolled the children of undocumented migrants.


The court argued that undocumented migrants and their children were protected by the Fourteenth Amendment, and it struck down the Texas law by a 5-4 ruling.

Frank Sharry, founder of the immigration reform advocacy group America’s Voice, told Bloomberg that the Trump administration’s proposal would be “unlawful, unacceptable and un-American.”


“The notion that we should punish little kids who go to school and pledge allegiance to our flag because Trump and Miller want to make America white again is incredibly cruel, dark and sinister,” he told the news agency.

Earlier this week, the Trump administration also announced a new rule that will prevent many poor immigrants from obtaining a green card. The policy is dubbed the “public charge” rule.


In defending that policy, acting director of Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli stupidly told NPR, “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet, and who will not be a public charge.”

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