Stephen Miller's Uncle Says 'Dozens' of Family Members Hate His Guts Too

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After yesterday’s devastating smackdown in Politico Magazine wherein Stephen Miller’s uncle David Glosser described his goblin nephew as a “hypocrite” whose policies “repudiate the very foundation of our family’s life in this country,” Glosser returned to rhetorically body slam his awful relative again today. Stop, stop, he’s already dead! 


Just kidding, do not stop, this rules. On CNN this morning, Glosser continued jumping off the top rope and onto his nephew’s frail body, telling the network’s John Berman that the “inexcusable cruelty” of the child separation policy spurred him to act:


Perhaps the most satisfying moment came later in the interview, when Glosser said “dozens”—yes, DOZENS—of his family members “encouraged” him to “push forward” with the public disavowal of the Trump administration’s most Earthworm Jim-lookin’ piece of shit.

Glosser said their family is “huge” and he wouldn’t speak for all of them, but man, when dozens of your relatives think you are a disgrace... You might have fucked up. This likely won’t change Miller’s steely-eyed commitment to making America’s immigration policies more and more despicable and white nationalist-friendly, but it certainly doesn’t hurt for Miller to be shamed at every possible venue and from every possible angle.

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