Steve King Briefly Found the Microscopic Part of His Soul Where Shame Is Located

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Iowa Republican and dedicated fascist Rep. Steve King is extremely open about his various white nationalist and racist beliefs. Nevertheless, it seems that even King has to draw the line somewhere—and on Monday we learned just where.


Less than 24 hours after sharing a meme seemingly both threatening “civil war” and mocking transgender rights all in the space of a few, sparse sentences, King backtracked, quietly deleting the picture from his Facebook page.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

I’ve reached out to King’s office to see why he shared the image, and what prompted him to remove it from his official Facebook page without explanation. I will update this post if his office responds.

The question remains, however, why this image is somehow over the line for a congressman who has, in no particular order: Embraced European fascists as would-be Republicans “if they were in America”; given interviews to an anti-Semitic publication; promoted white nationalists on Twitter; and still has this extremely racist tweet on his timeline:

Perhaps King understood that actively goofing around about a future “civil war” is probably a bad look for a sitting congressman who just months ago was removed from his House committees for being just a smidge too racist for his Republican colleagues. Or maybe he’s just embarrassed that his neo-Confederate shtick has been reduced to the sort of meme your racist aunt would post on her timeline in between pictures of Garfield complaining about Mondays.

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