Steve King Was Brutally Rejected By Trump in Iowa

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Extremely racist Congressman Steve King was apparently not allowed to ride on Air Force One with President Trump during his campaign visit to Iowa this week, two GOP officials told CNN.


King, who represents Iowa’s 4th District, is notorious for his unapologetic white nationalist views. In January, he was kicked off his committees in the House of Representatives by his own party after he said in an interview with the New York Times that he didn’t understand why phrases like “white supremacist” were offensive.

On Trump’s trip to Iowa this week, King allegedly asked to join the president’s entourage on Air Force One, and was turned down. Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst and Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer were both allowed aboard the aircraft. Sad!!!

Incredibly, this incident proves that it’s possible to be so racist that Trump’s administration considers you toxic. Who woulda thought!

King says he’s running again in 2020, despite the lack of support from his party. He already has several primary challengers, including Iowa state Sen. Randy Feenstra, a strong Trump supporter.