Stevie Wonder Turned 64 Today So We're Going Through Our Favorite Stevie Songs

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"Will you still be sending me a Valentine? Birthday greetings? Bottle of wine?" asked Paul McCartney in the Beatles song When I'm 64, and we're feeling like Stevie Wonder might be asking himself these very questions today as he celebrates (or cries) on this big day. So we asked what your favorite Stevie songs were and the list went on and on—so we signed, sealed, and delivered a few of them here.


(But if you're wondering, this journalist's favorite will forever be Stevie's collaboration with 98 Degrees for the Mulan soundtrack song True To Your Heart. Because duh.)


Romina Puga is a pop culture reporter and producer for Fusion. You can find her on "Fusion Now," Fusion's daily TV updates, going over new movies, music, apps, and why D'Angelo is still sexy.

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