Still Muellering It Over

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Small update here folks: looks like we’ll be sticking around on MuellerWatch for a while longer. The sweeping investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office will... probably not deliver a report next week, according to Department of Justice, despite earlier reports that the investigation was coming to a close.


Multiple news outlets reported on Friday, citing a senior DOJ official, that earlier reporting that Attorney General William Barr could announce the end of the Mueller investigation next week were wrong.

So that’s where we’re at!

This comes after CNN reported on Wednesday that “people familiar with the plans” said Mueller would have a report to the newly-minted attorney general as early as next week.

CNN did note, however, that “the precise timing of the announcement is subject to change,” which yep, accurate on that count at least!

The network also reported:

The scope and contours of what Barr will send to Congress remain unclear. Also unclear is how long it will take Justice officials to prepare what will be submitted to lawmakers.


It is with a heavy heart that we must postpone Mueller Time. When will it actually happen? These reports only give some credence to a guess of... soon? But also, who knows!

When reached by Splinter on Friday, the DOJ declined to comment on the matter.

Contributing Writer, Splinter