Stories I Do Not Care About Today

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We are only allowed a fleeting, finite amount of time and headspace in this life. I’ve recently begun to feel this even more acutely as I spend more of my waking hours following the news on the internet. What has (occasionally) saved me from teetering over the edge entirely is practicing a kind of mindful ignorance—choosing to fully ignore the news stories I find so dumb, so galling, or so otherwise oppressively boring that I simply cannot force myself to give them more than a passing, disinterested glance.


After a one-two punch of big stories breaking late in the day on Wednesday—Hope Hicks is leaving! Donald Trump and guns!—today I am awash in this other kind of news story.

Here, ripe for your righteous derision, is a partial list of the stories that, for various reasons, I don’t care about today:


What story—not this one, that’s cheating!—do you hate today? Let me know in the comments!

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