Stormy Daniels Sues Donald Trump, Uses Michael Cohen's Own Dumb Statements Against Him

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Stormy Daniels has sued Donald Trump, filing a lawsuit in a California state court alleging that a “hush money agreement” where Trump lawyer Michael Cohen gave her $130,000 in order to prevent her from talking about her alleged affair with Trump ahead of the election is null and void.


The 28-page lawsuit says that the agreement isn’t enforceable for a very simple reason: Trump never signed it.

From the lawsuit:

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Furthermore, the lawsuit says Cohen, “through intimidation and coercive tactics, forced” Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) to sign a false statement declaring that she never had a relationship with Trump. It also cites Cohen’s own public statement on February 13 as evidence that there was “no binding agreement in place,” as well as a weird vow of loyalty where Cohen said he “will always protect Mr. Trump”:

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Michael Cohen is a great lawyer.

Daniels is notably not seeking money in the lawsuit, only a ruling that the agreement she and Cohen signed is unenforceable and that Trump pay any costs accrued from the suit. You can read the full claim here via NBC News.

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