Straight Pride Parade Organizer Slips Up, Calls Himself a Racist

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The local organizer of Modesto, CA’s “Straight Pride” parade made an oopsie at a public city council meeting on Wednesday, accidentally referring to his organization as a “totally peaceful racist group.” As many people in the audience pointed out to him immediately: Hey man, you said it!!


Per NBC News:

“You pulled the race card,” Don Grundmann, a chiropractor from the Bay Area said as he pointed at one council member at the meeting Wednesday, according to a video uploaded by the Modesto Bee. “You pulled the race card to pull in attacks against us, to justify attacks against us in that park, and when they come you’re going to turn right around and say we deserved it. We haven’t done anything, we’re a totally peaceful racist group.”

In my mind, these two things are linked: being wildly racist and also incapable of not telling on yourself all the time. But who am I to stop telling people to live their truth!

Let’s watch, courtesy of the Modesto Bee, which was on the story immediately, because it is incredible:

Look at this fuckin’ guy. Don Grundmann. Just perfect. Per NBC News, he’s a chiropractor from the Bay Area. And he pivots! He then tries to pull out the actually, Planned Parenthood is racist because abortions line. Just a truly great specimen of the worst possible takes. I also would be willing to bet an enormous amount of money that he’s the kinda guy who insists on being called “doctor” even though he’s a chiropractor and not at all an MD. A quick Google search also suggests that this dude is running for Senate, on a platform that mentions, I shit you not, “countering, and leaving, what I term as ‘The Matrix,’” according to his website.

Honestly? Give this guy his parade. Give him a big banner that says “totally peaceful racist” and let him walk around wherever he wants in his shitty faded suit. Or even better, put him on a bus to Boston! He’ll do great there.

Contributing Writer, Splinter