Students plan nationwide protests over institutionalized racism, debt, and minimum wage

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Students across the United States are set to protest issues affecting their lives on Thursday.


The Million Student March has organized demonstrations on college campuses across the country, Reuters reports. According to the Million Student March's website, students will protest in favor of tuition-free public college, a cancelation of all student debt, and a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers.

Posts on the Million Student March's main Facebook page connects the movement's demands with those of the University of Missouri students demonstrating against institutionalized racism and their administration's failure to change Mizzou's campus culture.

"The fight for free education is nothing without the fight against racism on campus and in our society!" a recent post reads. "Let's make sure to incorporate their demands and message into all our actions!"

Student and faculty-led protests at the University of Missouri led to the resignation of system president Tim Wolfe and Columbia campus chancellor R. Bowen Loftin on Monday.

Earlier this week, students at Mizzou called for nationwide demonstrations in solidarity with their efforts. A quick search on Facebook reveals that their call has been heard, as solidarity protests have been organized every from California to New York.

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