Study: Bosses Are Trash, Bullshit, Destroy Them

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Assuming you work in a “normal job,” you have probably had the intuition that the people “in charge” are fools, con artists, empty suits who do little but waste your time while getting paid more than you. We can now report that the entire world shares your intuition.

Don’t take it from the hundreds of millions of people who have ever had a job—take it from the Wall Street Journal’s story about a study by a consulting firm!!!!!!!

More than two-thirds of employees around the world say they have to consult with more than one boss to get their jobs done, and nearly two-thirds of those surveyed say they waste significant amounts of time waiting for guidance from senior leaders, according to a 2017 study by research firm Gartner Inc. Even more people surveyed—71%—told Gartner they have wasted copious time on projects or assignments that their managers later deemed as unimportant...

Only about 35% of employees surveyed say their manager understands their day-to-day work.


You are not alone: millions and millions of other people also waste time every day telling their stupid bosses what they’re doing when they could instead be actually doing what they do—and then the bosses don’t understand what the hell they’re doing anyhow. Is it not obvious that companies would run much more efficiently if we fired a large percentage of “managers” and redistributed their pay to the hardworking employees who actually do the work? The numbers speak for themselves.

My boss is good though :)