Study: Immigrants Work the Crappiest Hours

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America: has it been too lenient on immigration? A new study is proof that we’ve been letting outsiders waltz right into our country and... work the absolute worst graveyard shifts.

A new report by New American Economy, a pro-business immigration reform group, quantifies the extent to which the jobs with the crappiest hours—overnight or on weekends—are foisted off onto immigrants.

In 2015 immigrants were 15.7 percent more likely to work unusual hours than similar U.S.-born workers. This figure rises when we look solely at those working weekend shifts: Foreign-born workers were 25.2 percent more likely to work on the weekends than U.S.-born workers with similar characteristics.


And these aren’t just the worst low-wage jobs we’re talking about.

High-skilled immigrants were 10.1 percent more likely to work unusual hours than high-skilled U.S.-born workers. Lesser-skilled immigrants, meanwhile, are 18.2 percent more likely to work odd hours than U.S.-born workers at the same skill level.

And to complete the Total Exploitation Trifecta, immigrant men are about 10% more likely to work off hours, while immigrant women are more than 24% more likely.

Clearly, we need to eject these hardworking people from America in order to give Americans these jobs that they don’t want.


[The full report]

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