Super Bowl 2014: Our Fool-Proof Coverage

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It's time for Super Bowl XLVIII, which pits the Seattle Seahawks against the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. And Fusion is ON IT, with hard-hitting sports commentary and analysis from our team at the studio and on the ground in New York and New Jersey. Well, "hard-hitting" may be in the eye of the beholder — but let's talk the biggest sports day of the year! SPORTS!

…Or wait, what about sports traffic?

Most of the Super Bowl hoopla is in New York City — but the game's in Jersey. So how are people surviving getting back and forth?

Bad news: Your chips and guac could be financing a drug war in Mexico.

Read more about the truth of the avocados of Michoacan — the ones you're probably scooping up with corn chips — here, and check out our video report below.

Life hack: Here's how to BS your way through Super Bowl Sunday.

So what if you don't know what's going on with the game? Here's how to totally fake it.

Blazing and blitzing at the Super Bowl

People are calling this the "Weed Bowl." Gee, wonder why?

10 Years After Nipplegate: 10 Wardrobe Malfunctions We Missed

That incident with Janet Jackson back in 2004 only opened the floodgates for many more, many more serious, wardrobe malfunctions. Here are some we missed. Like Lebron's great headband loss of 2013.


We decoded the Super Bowl's best urban legends.

Do more people commit domestic abuse on the day of the big game? Do halftime bathroom breaks collapse sewer systems? Adam Tod Brown of Cracked helps us find the answers to these and other Super Bowl mythologies.

Strange Superstitions of the Super Bowl

People can get strangely superstitious when it comes to sports - particularly the Super Bowl. Open Source producer Annie Rose Ramos hit up a bar in Hollywood to see what lengths some people will go to in order to score a win for their team.

Who needs the official Super Bowl Media Day?

We are live on the (very cold) ground in New York covering the madness in the run up to Super Bowl XLVIII. Fusion couldn't get access to the game's official media days, though. But so what? We asked the real experts — the sports bar-goers of midtown Manhattan — for the inside scoop on Sunday's showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

Across the Map: Super Bowl XLVIII By the Numbers

See where the game will be played and explore a series of maps that will tell you everything you need to know about the NFL's annual championship game.


Super Bowl For Starters: A Crash Course From ESPN's 'First Take'

do you really have to know anything about football to enjoy it? We're betting not really. So we sent Fusion correspondent Arielle Castillo to New York to find out. Imagine a football expert. Okay, she's the opposite of that. Luckily, we got to check out a live taping of ESPN's "First Take" to get the scoop from hosts Skip Bayless, Cari Champion and Stephen A. Smith.

7 Ridiculous Super Bowl Prop Bets (And Picks)

For professional and casual sports bettors alike, this Sunday, the (tentative?) date for Super Bowl XLVIII, marks perhaps the greatest wagering day of the year. On top of picking the winner, total score and MVP, the oddsmakers at Bovada have created hundreds of different prop bets for the public to wager on. The fun part? Some of them are deliciously ridiculous. Click here to read seven to try.



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