Super Smash Bros. fans want Britney Spears to enter the fray

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On May 9, 2002, Britney's Dance Beat, a rhythm-focused game built around Spear's extensive pop catalogue, was released for the PC, the PlayStation 2, and (most importantly) Nintendo's GameBoy Advanced. The game received mixed reviews across all platforms, but in its creation it opened up the possibility for something much, much more amazing.

Technically speaking, Britney's Dance Beat is a Nintendo-licensed game, which means that Ms. Britney Jean Spears is eligible to become a playable character in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. fighting franchise.

Smash Bros., for the unfamiliar, is the game that almost single-handedly saved Nintendo's Wii U platform from struggling sales in 2014. The game features popular characters from across Nintendo's expansive catalogue of games pitted against each other in knock-down, drag-out fights in a wide variety of Nintendo-themed stages.


In the past, a large part of Smash's popularity has been attributed to the robust competitive community that's sprung up around it. In its most recent incarnation, though, fans have been further invited to participate in the game's creation by being encouraged to submit suggestions for new playable fighters.

As odd a choice as Britney may seem for Smash, stranger, more obscure characters have made their way onto the game's roster in the past. Nintendo doesn't share just how many people submit suggestions for characters to the public, but in the past five months, Tumblr posts have racked up thousands of reshares advocating for Britney's addition.


Nintendo's more than open to suggestion, and if the Wii Fit Trainer's any indication, they're more than capable of turning Toxic into an epic Final Smash.